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The Duggal Photo Lab Story

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The Duggal Photo Lab Story

Duggal Visual Solutions is extremely proud of its 55-year history as a top photo lab in New York City. What started as a small photography shop in New York’s original Photo District has evolved into a leading graphics producer worldwide. Our company has been able to incorporate the following services and features into our line of expertise:

  • Printing: Wide format graphics, displays, commercial printing and more.
  • Installation: Our global installation team is on call and ready to work against even the toughest deadlines at any volume.
  • Shop Duggal: Duggal’s legendary lab, now at your fingertips for online ordering and complete customization.
  • Duggal Greenhouse: A Brooklyn venue for corporate events, concerts, galas, or virtually anything else you can dream up.

Rooted in Craftsmanship

Our history is one of innovation. It’s what has allowed us to expand our services and offer more support for our clients, all while maintaining superior quality. Our late founder, Baldev Duggal, was passionate about the craft and adamant about attention to detail. In his legacy, Duggal still holds the same sentiment in every project we touch and every relationship we cultivate.

Always Inventing

We’re never content. Instead, we’re constantly developing new technologies and processes that are changing the way brands and creative professionals communicate with their audiences. For example, our new LUMIPIXELS™ combine graphic images and animated light to elevate the visual experience in retail, exhibition and hospitality settings.

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