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The Film Output Process at a Glance

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The Film Output Process at a Glance

Film output is a unique process in which colors from a color separation are imaged as positives onto transparent film for screen printing. When looking at the original film screen from which you wish to transfer, the image or design should be black and no light should be able to shine through when held up. This process is commonly used when printing designs onto clothing, but can be used on other products as well.

How Film Output Works

In order to create a successful film output, a film positive is required. Film output is best accomplished using a photo quality inkjet printer and waterproof transparency film. Inkjet printers with the right film work best for output due to being readily available and generally inexpensive. Meanwhile, the waterproof coating on the film allows the clear plastic to retain the black ink transferred from the film positive. Finally, it is important that your image be sharp and in the highest possible contrast for the film output to turn out best.

Film Output at Duggal

Film output is a difficult process to pull off using at-home resources. Luckily, Duggal has state-of-the-art resources, as well as experienced professionals, to help you optimally complete this arduous task. Contact us to learn more.