Duggal: The Innovation Lab

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Duggal: The Innovation Lab

There is a particular group behind the technical audacity and expertise Duggal has put on display with the showcase developed in the past few weeks for our return to Global Shop 2016:  the Innovation Lab. For our partners, clients, and friends who are intrigued to know how we came to the stupendous accomplishment of this presentation, we want to identify the lab as the key resource for the services and capabilities we’ve manifested.



The Innovation lab is more than a location, more even than a set of skills, more even than a cadre of specialized staff, though it is all these aspects in the aggregate. It is a force that consists of a team of designers, each of whom have profound understanding of a core Duggal capability, along with essential personnel who lead the consultation with clients to comprehend, summarize, and communicate the needs of each project. The Lab also is made up of researchers who probe and examine the changing dynamics of visual atmospheric experience through the latest technological tools and applications. These researchers are crucial because they ask the question: “Can we have better?”




This Lab in essence takes what we currently call Duggal Design Services and enhances it with exploration of how visual technologies can influence human engagement in the spaces of physical interaction and virtual experience. Empowering retail environments, entertainment or edu-tainment platforms in theaters or tradeshows, stylishly comfortable hospitality and lodging spaces, caring, safe environments for healthcare, or optimized, corporate work habitats all result from innovative thinking around deeper engagement.


The Innovations Lab is how the Global Shop work got done. Better still, it’s how our work will move forward.


To schedule a tour of our GlobalShop booth in Las Vegas to see the artists’ work in person, sign up here.



Tom Fruin’s water tower photo by Mike Lambert.