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The Revolution of Digital Photography Printing


The Revolution of Digital Photography Printing

The concept of printing dates back as early as 200 AD to woodblock printing, a method that reveals characters or images at the surface level after certain pieces are chiseled away. Suffice to say, we’ve come a long way since then. Digital printing emerged in the 1990s with the process of producing digital-based images directly onto a variety of substrates.

Generally speaking, digital printing is used for small-run professional print jobs with large format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers, which fire drops of ink from the print heads directly onto the substrate. Most commercial shops use printers similar to the one you have at home, just on a much larger scale. Although digital printing typically has as a higher cost per page than more traditional methods such as offset printing, it streamlines on-demand print jobs and provides a quicker turnaround time.

Types of Digital Printing


No matter how prominent the digital world becomes, the magic of archival representation of digital subjects remains steadfast. At Duggal, we use a 72-inch-wide Lightjet printer to produce images up to 72″ by 120″ large in house. Choose from your pick of archival papers made by industry leaders or display films in color and B&W.

Personal or Business

Sturdy print machines can leave a lasting mark on various materials including paper, photo paper, canvas, folding cartons, fabric, etc. You may be familiar with this application of digital printing if you’ve ever made a custom T-shirt order or needed to print a digital photograph.

Commercial Applications

Digital printing is widely used commercially and in retail spaces. For example, light boxes with detailed photographic images can be displayed according to your specific needs. Top visual artists and corporations alike take advantage of the benefits that digital printing affords.

High Definition

As technology evolves, so do digital prints. HD printing raises the bar by providing revolutionary detail and giving you the best return on investment. The nature of HD printing is such that the sharpness and resolution add a life-like element to your photo or image. Nowadays, digital C-prints are the cutting-edge option for top image makers.

Duggal Does All of the Above

If you’re a photographer or visual artist looking to get started on your next digital printing project, you can hit the mark on all aspects of the digital image reproduction process by trusting the experts at Duggal. Contact us to kick off your project today.