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The Science of Laser Cutting Images


The Science of Laser Cutting Images

Duggal Visual Solutions produces custom-fabricated displays for many of the world’s leading brands, completely in house and encompassing many disciplines. One of the most common elements of a custom display is laser cutting, which creates a uniquely designed (and often dimensional) display.


How It Works

Laser cutting calls for advanced technology and several specified steps that involve laser optics and CNC (computer numerical control). It is primarily focused on the material to be removed, which in turn leaves the final product.

Duggal’s laser and router cutters are equipped with sensors and cameras connected to printers that follow the detail and contours of a printed image. Using precision laser and router cutting machines, Duggal’s display experts are able to achieve X, Y, and Z cutting on a variety of materials. This gives clients a vast material selection for their custom display or fixture, be it on acrylic, rubber, fabrics, mirrors, wood, leather, metal, or any other compatible material.


Storefront Displays and Logos

Laser cutting allows for unique storefront displays with dimensional lettering. A display will often include a company’s logo, slogan, and/or campaign theme to draw customers in—first to the display and, hopefully, next into the store.

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Fine Art Cutouts

Laser cutting techniques allow artists to create images with a stencil-like effect. From topographical displays to texturized art pieces, laser cut images add a layer of creativity that is difficult to achieve otherwise.

To learn more about laser cutting and how it can help bring your most detailed vision to life, contact Duggal.