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The Science of Lenticular Printing


The Science of Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is no straightforward feat, but the unique result is well worth the time, energy and investment. 

It begins with computer graphics, after two separate images are uploaded and spliced into dozens of thin strips. The strips are then interlaced before being overlaid with a transparent plastic layer comprising dozens of hemispherical lenses called “lenticles.” This allows the images to refract the light passing through them for the final lenticular product. With a high degree of exactness and alignment, a lenticular print offers a stylistic approach that will stand out amongst standard prints.

An Astounding Statistic on Lenticular Printing

Lenticular printing is an excellent way to create a unique interaction between an image and its viewers. Lenticular prints span a wide range of applications such as signage, product packaging, business cards and more. One source suggests a 300% increase in the likelihood that a lenticular image will be noticed compared to a static image.

Avoid the Potential Pitfalls

It’s extremely important to choose a printer that can truly execute your lenticular print, as the product’s complexity makes it inherently prone to mishaps. Some of the most common challenges in lenticular printing include:

  • Design defects, such as fuzzy prints or doubling. 
  • Image ghosting, a result of poor image care prior to printing. 
  • Color synchronization, an issue that can stem from a number of sources, such as malleable material or incorrect printing conditions. 
  • Phasing, which arises from the incorrect cutting of material at the beginning of the process.

Precision Lenticular Printing at Duggal 

Duggal Visual Solutions’ 3D lenticular department is equipped with the technology and expertise to literally bring your image to life with exciting effects including 3D, flip, animation, morph and zoom. The same Duggal artists who have designed 3D campaigns for major retailers and galleries around the world can consult with you through the entire design process for a flawless lenticular print. Learn more and see examples.

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