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These Partitions Are Perfect for a Hybrid Workplace


These Partitions Are Perfect for a Hybrid Workplace

When employees return to the office, they will undoubtedly want their personal space. However, they will also want to regain the on-site collaboration and communication that they have been missing now for over a year. Meet both needs with workplace health and wellness partitions. These protective, yet unobtrusive barriers can be customized to your office layout and liking. Here are a few options:

Plexi Rolling Floor Partitions
The open office floor plan will survive the pandemic. Rather than uproot this modern work style, Duggal Visual Solutions is focused on adapting and adjusting it. These lightweight Plexi floor partitions have wheels and easy-to-grab handles so that they can easily be moved from one location to another based on the occupancy at any given time. Add a frosted finish for a calming sense of privacy with just a little bit of opacity.

Fabric Rolling Floor Partitions
Rolling floor partitions can also accommodate printed fabric on both sides. Choose from photography, illustration and/ or your brand marks to turn the partition into a canvas for creativity. Learn more about Duggal’s expertise in fabric printing.

Countertop Partitions
Freestanding countertop partitions provide a safety shield between employees, while still allowing them to hear and see each other. These partitions are easy to implement with customizable sizing, framing and acrylic to integrate into your existing environment. Countertop partitions can also be mounted or framed.

Explore Duggal’s full catalog of health and wellness partitions:

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