This Kid is the Youngest National Geographic Photographer Ever

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This Kid is the Youngest National Geographic Photographer Ever

What happens when you’re lucky enough to be raised by a National Geographic photographer who gifts you with an analog camera? You go on a road trip. And take lots of pictures, of course!

And then came fame for Hawkeye Huey, after he and his dad set out to make, sleep in and photograph blanket forts in Southern California’s Salton Sea in the summer of 2014. Two years and 213K Instagram followers later, 6-year-old Hawkeye is now the youngest photographer ever to be featured in National Geographic Magazine.

Hawkeye Huey Tent

“The blanket fort blew away on the first day,” photographer Aaron Huey told TODAY, reminiscing about their first photography trip together. “Luckily we had bought Hawkeye an analog camera on the way there.”

Now, with the kindergartner’s impressive first appearance under his belt, he is celebrating the release of his first book, COWBOYS INDIANS HOBOS GAMBLERS PATRIOTS TOURISTS & SUNSETS, which his dad is quick to clarify as very much a collaboration.

Hawkeye Huey Instagram

“This is definitely a parent-child exercise,” Aaron told TODAY. “Hawkeye helped make some of the pairings in the book, but mostly he wanted to leave the room and play with Legos.”

Although, Aaron pointed out, his little apprentice did recall with enthusiasm the plethora of memories from their journey sparked by photographs they had taken together.

So, what is Hawkeye is most looking forward to now? Viewing “all the rodeo photos” he took in his book—that and the thought of some day owning “a camera that can shoot video and Polaroids at the same time.”

Hawkeye Huey Horses

With the publication of his first book and the conclusion of his first year of school, Hawkeye plans on returning to the leisure of being a normal kid. His dad, too, is eager to return to their original routine of simple father-son bonding.

We’ll definitely have an eye out for what photographic adventures Hawkeye Huey gets into next!