Upcoming Events January 14-19, 2014

Art Scene

Upcoming Events January 14-19, 2014

We hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!
Here are a couple of events around the city.

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Boris Mikhailov: Four Decades

Christian Marclay

A Floating Population: Chinatown Photographs by Annie Ling

Courtesy of: dominique-levy.com

Boris Mikhailov: Four Decades

Known for his unsparing photos of daily life in Russia, Boris Mikhailov shows his collection of paintings. Spanning from over 40 years, Mikhailov’s work  is based between a documentary and hallucinatory. As showed he was able to capture the undercurrent of the Soviet Union and the reviling the society. His work will be on display till February 8, 2014.

Location: Dominique Lévy Gallery

Address: 909 Madison Ave Upper East Side New York 10021

Date/Hour: Now- February 8, 2014; Tue–Sat 10am–6pm

Admission: N/A

Phone: 212-772-2004



Courtesy of: paulacoopergallery.com

Christian Marclay

Celebrated for his video ‘The Clock’, Christian Marclay turn his work into a lively follow-up of paintings. He continues his career interacting with arts relationship, between sound and music. His paintings of AbEX and Pop Art are viewed as stuff being thrown against canvas. Marclay’s unique work shown with silk-screens comic book fonts gives the cartoon feel effect to the paintings.

Location: Paula Cooper Gallery

Address: 534 W 21st St Chelsea New York

Date/Hour: Now- January 18, 2014; Tue–Sat 10am–6pm

Admission: N/A

Phone: 212-255-1105



Courtesy of: mocanyc.org

 A Floating Population: Chinatown Photographs by Annie Ling

Annie Ling’s pictures of Chinatown documents the struggles of the people who live there. Known for being a frequent New York Times photographer, Ling’s collections includes a modern-day flophouse where residents pay between $100 to $200 a month for a cubical used for living. This opens up the eyes of the viewers that have never yet seen the struggles of those living in Chinatown.

Location: Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

Address: 215 Centre St Chinatown & Little Italy New York

Date/Hour: Now- April 3, 2014; Tue, Wed, Fri–Sun 11am–6pm; Thu 11am–9pm

Admission: $10, seniors and students $5, children under 12 free. Thursdays free.

Phone: 212-619-4785