Welling Court Mural Project Keeps Queens Street Art Tradition Alive

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Welling Court Mural Project Keeps Queens Street Art Tradition Alive

The 2014 demolition of 5Pointz was met with sheer outrage from the street art community. While artists and supporters fought tooth and nail to preserve the 200,000-square-foot Queens graffiti canvas, it eventually succumbed to the New York City Council’s unanimous approval of a $400 million condo development plan.

The bitter ending at 5Pointz, which saw its works of art covered with white paint overnight before being gradually reduced to rubble, put a major dent in Queens’ art scene. An article published by Complex likened it to a sign that street artists may one day have nowhere to work in New York.

“Although many 5Pointz artists are still painting together and are hopeful that they will eventually find a new home for aerosol art, the destruction of their graffiti mecca should be a cautionary tale about the spaces New York needs to protect to preserve its cultural identity,” wrote Leigh Silver.

But in a small section of Astoria, Queens’ worldwide street art cred lives on. The Welling Court Mural Project held its sixth annual block party this June, debuting this year’s eye-popping street murals from 100+ artists on 100+ walls. Aside from the things you expect in a grassroots block party – potluck, music and good company – those who wandered over got to watch and even mingle with the artists as they composed their aerosol masterpieces.

The Welling Court Mural Project is beloved for its laid-back atmosphere and low-key profile. Unless you either live in Queens or have a firm thumb on NYC’s art pulse, you’ll miss it – but that’s okay because the murals are on display 24/7 year-round.

Below are a few photos of this year’s Welling Court works from around the web. To see the art in person, take the N train to 30th Ave. Welling Court is a little less than a mile west, so you can either walk, get an Uber or take the Q18 bus. It’s worth the trip!

From Gothamist:

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From Huffington Post (© Jaime Rojo)

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