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When to Invest in Window Fixtures for Your Brand’s Retail Store(s)


When to Invest in Window Fixtures for Your Brand’s Retail Store(s)

A stunning window display not only brings customers into your store, but also leaves a lasting brand impression. However, there’s an art to designing a truly effective display, especially considering the level of competition in the retail world.

The sooner you begin to view your window fixtures as opportunities for branding, the better. Through decades of experience producing thousands of window displays globally, we have found that clients typically invest in branded window fixtures for three reasons:


“How do we want to be perceived?” It’s arguably the most important question any brand or company can ask itself. With customers making quick decisions, it’s crucial to send a clear message to your target audience and the general public alike. Window displays are the medium by which you convey that message in brick and mortar.


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The upfront costs of window fixtures vary depending on how elaborate and interactive you envision your display to be. For a relatively small investment, a simple window fixture is a quick and easy opportunity for advertising in your own space. In more creative displays, the initial investment can be larger—but so will the visual impact. From photographic backdrops and CAD Cut vinyl to LED lightboxes and interactive media touchscreens, the options for your next window fixture are limitless. Not to mention, once installed, a window display requires little to no maintenance.


Typically, businesses will rotate their window displays seasonally to promote their newest products. It’s important to showcase the latest and greatest from your brand in order to remain relevant. This also includes converting your digital campaigns into store graphics.

Duggal Visual Solutions has crafted captivating window displays for many of the world’s most recognized brands. Let us take your retail graphics to the next level; connect with your own personal visual consultant today.

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