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When to Use Acrylic Face Mounting

Techniques/ Tips

When to Use Acrylic Face Mounting

Sometimes, simply printing and hanging a photo the old-fashioned way isn’t enough. If you’re planning to showcase and/or sell your photography professionally, protecting your print with an acrylic face mount is critical.

Acrylic face mounting is a process of applying a clear adhesive to the face of a print, and then fastening the print to acrylic. Acrylic face mounting can be a useful addition if any of the following scenarios match the vision for your photo print.

Sharp and Chic

If you’re going for a modern look, investing in acrylic face mounting for your photo print can have aesthetic advantages. Because of the way the clear adhesive is mounted, it tends to make the piece look like it is floating off the wall, adding depth behind the image. Especially when framing with or mounting on a white backdrop, an acrylic face mount delivers a very clean appearance.

Built to Last

Finalizing your photo print with an acrylic face mount can increase the durability of the print. There are many ways in which a protective layer can help stabilize your print, including:

  • Waterproofing your final print.
  • Providing UV protection.
  • Making the piece shatter resistant. (Unlike glass, an acrylic face mount will not shatter if you drop it.)

Ways to Display an Acrylic Face Mount

Thanks to the durability of an acrylic face mounted print, there are a variety of ways in which you can display, store, and travel with your prints when they have been face mounted to acrylic.

  • Farmer’s markets: If you sell your work at a local farmer’s market, you can have faith in the easy install and uninstall of prints in your booth.
  • Sun rooms: If you have a room that takes in a lot of sun, the acrylic layer of your photo print will absorb most of the damaging UV rays.
  • Outside displays: Although not a frequent sight, if you intend to leave your print outside, the acrylic layer will protect it from water, sun and other types of weather.

Acrylic Face Mounting at Duggal

Although acrylic face mounting can be slightly more expensive to produce than a glass frame, if you plan to sell or travel with your art, the durability of acrylic face mounting is unparalleled. The aesthetic is desirable for higher-end showcases as well.

Duggal has been helping photographers display their work in beautiful ways for over 50 years. From printing photography to framing, mounting and even installing it for your exhibition, we are here to provide all of the visual solutions you need. Speak with one of our consultants today.