Words of Wisdom From Our Founder Baldev Duggal

Curators’ Corner

Words of Wisdom From Our Founder Baldev Duggal

We are so thrilled to read this inspiring article from www.greenbiz.com, Baldev Duggal in his encore career: solar street lighting which includes his five commandments for problem solving:

1. Identify the problem. This can be hard since some problems are slightly more abstract in nature. What’s more important is to fathom what is the worst that can happen if the whole thing goes wrong.

2. Learn to use the words yes or no, and eliminate the word “maybe.”

3. Give yourself and the problem a time frame, and when you do, do not leave it open-ended. For example, tell yourself that you will accomplish something, say by your birthday or Memorial Day. Give it a time. Of course you would not reprimand yourself if you fail to accomplish your goals in the given time frame, but make sure that anything open-ended doesn’t stay open-ended.

4. Open up your heart. Never be afraid to let your instinct and your intellect work together.

5. Take a deep breath. When you’re looking closely at the problem, you can get overwhelmed. Allow yourself to step back, take a breath, and keep going until you can see the problem as a whole. Once you identify all the players and chances, you may already have a solution, and if you don’t, you are at least seeing the situation clearly.

“With each new morning arises a new challenge. For the past 50 years these five commandments have helped me face every obstacle that has ever come my way. Only by conquering the unknown can one rise above the known.”

-Baldev Duggal