Young Photographers Alliance Mentoring Program (Deadline May 10th)

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Young Photographers Alliance Mentoring Program (Deadline May 10th)

If you’re just getting into photography, the industry can be quite overwhelming; you might even be tempted to hide from it. Turning your passion into a career is a daunting task, especially in a field that’s rapidly evolving and becoming increasingly competitive.

The Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) recognizes the importance of nurturing the next generation of photographers and is dedicated to doing so. YPA connects emerging photographers with established professionals, essentially giving outsiders inside access to industry knowledge and resources.

Our vision is to create powerful synergies between [emerging and establishing photographers], recognizing that collaboration benefits both, and ultimately energizes and advances the profession as a whole,” the group’s mission page says.

In addition to scholarships, portfolio reviews and internships, YPA offers an annual mentorship program in which participants are challenged to interpret, explore and convey a designated theme. This year’s theme is ‘Escape,” and the deadline to apply for the program is Friday, May 10th

The YPA Mentoring Program is a great way to push your photography career forward without completely filling your schedule – the time commitment isn’t overly demanding, and you’ll get to work and learn with people who share your passion.

Time to apply is running out, so make sure you have the following ready when applying:

–       $21 for YPA membership

–       5-8 of your best photos (they don’t have to relate to the theme)

–       A letter of recommendation referencing your photography skills

–       A description of your photography experience

–       A short statement of how you might approach shooting the theme (‘Escape’)

Click here for more details on the YPA Mentoring Program.

Image by: David Lazar - Tunnel of Light