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Mounting Material Spotlight: Sintra

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Mounting Material Spotlight: Sintra

How great it is when such a simple, functional material can bring your imagery to life. Sintra board lends itself to countless customization options and is one of the most reliable printing materials you will find.

The Versatility of Sintra

Sintra can be used in a variety of ways based on your needs. Up the thickness and depth for a sturdy and prominent piece, or opt for a thinner, more lightweight Sintra board to create an easily portable product. The color, cut, and shape of Sintra are also in your control, making it an ideal solution for many different display applications.

Kirsten Kay Thoen’s “Volcanic Nonagon” at Galeria Melissa, Soho
Made from digital c-prints mounted on Plexiglass and Sintra

The Durability of Sintra

Sintra can withstand elements that may render other materials damaged or unusable. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, Sintra has the potential to maintain its quality for years. You can find comfort in knowing that because of its resistance to chemicals, the vibrancy of your printed Sintra will not falter.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Sintra

For both of the reasons listed above, as well as its simple foundation, Sintra is very affordable, even at large sizes. Its durability can also create long-term savings, especially when it comes to signage.

Duggal has produced beautiful Sintra pieces for countless projects; here’s one recent example. For more information about printing your artwork or advertising on Sintra, contact us.

Digital print mounted to Sintra at the NYC’s SPYSCAPE