Rare Lina Bo Bardi Furniture on Display at Nilufar Gallery in Milan

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Rare Lina Bo Bardi Furniture on Display at Nilufar Gallery in Milan

ArchDaily describes Lina Bo Bardi as “one of the most important and expressive architects of the 20th century Brazilian architecture.” Duggal Visual Solutions had the honor of working alongside Italian architecture and research studio Space Caviar and the graphic designers and art directors of Studio Vedèt to realize the first exhibition dedicated to Bo Bardi’s timeless furniture design, curated by Nina Yashar, founder of Nilufar Gallery.

Lina Bo Bardi exhibition at Nilufar Gallery

Displayed at Nilufar Depot during the 2018 Milan Furniture Fair, Salone del Mobile Milano, the museum exhibition showcases gallery owner Nina Yashar’s collection of rare Bo Bardi pieces, as well as those from Italian architect and Bo Bardi collaborator Giancarlo Palanti, resulting in the highest number of pieces in the world, designed by Bo Bardi, ever exhibited together in one place. The concept follows Bo Bardi’s glass easel displays, abstracting the glass into hanging pieces that present imagery and influence from her creative universe.

Lina Bo Bardi Furniture in Nilufar Gallery Space

Duggal’s Agata Renault consulted with the Space Caviar team to produce the 12 suspended images on transparent display film, creating a gorgeous visual effect that could not be achieved elsewhere.

Lina Bo Bardi Duraclear images in Nilufar Gallery

“After having looked all over Europe and the U.S., we found no other product that comes close to what Duggal was able to offer,” Space Caviar’s Joseph Grima said. “The show would not be the same without the feature of these fantastic images printed on Duggal’s Duraclear solution. It was said during the opening conference that such images of Lina Bo Bardi and her designs are often shown as grainy reproductions, but the material and the quality of the prints allowed for a new reading and understanding of her life and work.”

Duraclear image with Lina Bo Bardi Furniture

Explore this unprecedented exhibition online at bobardi-palanti.com, and learn more about Yashar’s history of acquiring Bo Bardi pieces on wallpaper.com.