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Immersive Photography Printing Examples to Get You Thinking Big


Immersive Photography Printing Examples to Get You Thinking Big

The world’s top photographers choose Duggal Visual Solutions to bring their photos to life. Born in the heart of New York City’s original Photo District, we have been providing photography printing services for more than 50 years. Here, we’ll showcase just a few of our many projects and partnerships.

Joe Standart’s WE ARE: A Nation of Immigrants

Longtime Duggal client and professional photographer, Joe Standart, brought his Portrait of America™ project to New Haven, Connecticut with the goal to inspire and uplift. His exhibition celebrated the contributions of immigrants to American society. Duggal produced all of the prints and banners for the installation, in addition to various murals on city landmarks, bringing a true sense of community to this New England town.

Nikon Trade Show Exhibitions

Duggal has consistently been called on by Nikon, one of the world’s most respected names in photography, to produce perhaps the largest trade show booths you will ever see. What began as a creative endeavor to design and construct original and functional displays became a huge success full of creative exploration and collaboration.

Akira Seo’s Soft-Spoken Portraits

Simplicity. Connection. Humanity. These are the themes of Akira Seo’s brilliant ability to capture passion and the subtleties of our human experience. His photos reveal the truth of simple, yet profound storytelling, while highlighting the many facets of surf culture and the people who identify with it. We had the honor of helping Seo produce his first solo exhibit in NYC.

A Partner to a True Institution

In partnership with the International Center of Photography, Duggal provides ongoing photographic lab services and the latest technology in large-format museum exhibits and displays. Perhaps most iconic was our 15 ft. tall displays adorning the museum’s street-facing windows, bringing passerby back in time to the 1940s on that very block.

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