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Five of Our Favorite Printing Projects Through the First Half of 2019


Five of Our Favorite Printing Projects Through the First Half of 2019

2019 is flying by, isn’t it? We’re already halfway through the year. With that, let’s take a look (in no particular order) at a few of our highlights from January through June.


Slam Dunk

Tissot, the official watch of the NBA, wanted to showcase its relationship with the league in Swatch Group’s Herald Square Hour Passion store. The retail graphics featured living legends like Tony Parker and rising stars like Trae Young, on multiple canvases including LED lightboxes, vinyl and fabric.


Better Breakfast

Partnering with Vita Coco, Duggal created a high-end recipe book promoting the inclusion of coconut water as a staple of breakfast. Using the HP Indigo 1200HD digital press, we were able to deliver quality, volume and turnaround—not to mention open up a whole new avenue for the product.


For the Kids

We love working with our global clientele, but also remain true to our New York City roots. It brought us great joy to liven up the hallways of Queens Metropolitan High School (QMHS) with a mural nodding to the pride in athletics at this school.

The multi-material installation first required 13 panels of Vibrachrome™, which offered up to 40 feet of space for the mural to be implemented. Then, digital C prints were mounted to Plexiglass, an intentional direction used by artist Michelle Carollo to give the artwork a sense of dimension. With the final touch being a protective laminate, this piece now stands proudly in the hallway for students to enjoy.


An HP Inkspiration Finalist

The Wilhelmina Look Book produced by Duggal was a finalist in the 2019 HP Inkspiration Awards. The modeling agency sought a piece to usher in a brand refresh. The choice to go with a custom grey matte stock cover behind glossy, “hot stamped” text was both challenging and rewarding for our team to fulfill.


Jets Fly Higher

Launching their first rebrand in 20 years, the New York Jets put years of time and resources into refining their new look. We’re extremely proud of our ongoing collaboration with the Jets, and specifically their trust in calling upon us to successfully install all of the new graphics in their training facility during crunch time.


Many More to Come This Year

Of course, we appreciate every client who chooses Duggal and every project that comes through our doors. If your business or brand is ready to move the needle with inspiring visuals, contact us today.